Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Ideas That Will Shock and Amaze

I know I refer to this blog as the cure for the common event, but I like to think that this is true. Nothing can spoil an event or reputation by bad entertainment.  Let's face it, besides the food and entertainment, what else do guests talk about?  The carpeting?

Previous entries have discussed children's birthday parties, corporate events and different types of music, but what if you are REALLY going for something out of the box?

One of my favorite party ideas is concentrating on the paranormal.  I'm not talking about Ouija boards or seances.  There are people who specialize in entertaining the curious side of the human imagination, including hypnotists, palm/personality readers and the more practical, hand writing analysts. 

Hypnotists have been around for centuries, mostly believed to be a legitimate medical practice.  These days, it's mostly used to entertain the masses.  Hypnotists use comedy in their acts, making subjects do humorous things to get the audience interested.  A good hypnotist can have it's audience rolling in the aisles with laughter.

Palm/Personality Readers are somewhat new to the party scene.  Once a staple at carnivals and Renaissance Faires, palm and personality readers are on the up and coming.  Hire one to stroll around while guests eat, dance and participate in auctions.  They provide guests insight into their lives, backgrounds, personalities and futures.

Hand writing analysts are a rarity in the party world, but fun nonetheless.  Analysts can  tell a lot about an individual by looking at their signature, much the same way a palm reader can by looking at your hand.  Be the first one to feature this new act at your event!

Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Throw a Perfect Children's Party

A majority of the time, people only throw parties in three instances: weddings, funerals, and children's birthday parties.  Since we are not in the business of funerals, we choose to focus on children's parties.  A lot has changed since you were a child, gone are the days of next door neighbors dressed as clowns and a home made, lopsided birthday cake your mom baked.  Parents are choosing to spend huge amounts of money on children's entertainment, but the good news is, you can have a fabulous party with a frugal budget.

A few ideas that are trending right now are fun, simple ideas that will really keep the children entertained and the parents in awe.

  • Trackless trains:  If you have a bigger space, such as a park or a large neighborhood, nothing pleases kids more than a ride on a train.  Companies bring the train right to you and offer nonstop rides that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.  Some are even big enough to seat that adult train enthusiast you have in the family!
  • Puppet Shows:  Tired of the same old clown and dance routine?  Why not hire a puppeteer?  Bring to life a child's favorite story or fairy tale through puppets. Or, have the children create their own puppets out of paper bags and let them show their imaginations!
  • Story Tellers:  Speaking of telling stories, why not hire someone to do it for you?  Performers across the country are specializing in story telling, which teaches children patience (which is sometimes hard with the under five crowd) and a life long appreciation for reading.  Get them hooked early!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is Zydeco Music?

If you're like me, you might have been wondering what exactly is Zydeco music? It has been rising in popularity over the years and making appearances at functions all across the world.  But what is it?

Zydeco music has deep roots in the south, mainly Louisiana.  It stems from the lower class struggle and uses instruments easily found on the bayou.  Combining the accordion and "washboards", Zydeco music is upbeat and was used to liven the spirits at family dances.  Originally, lyrics were sang in French, but as English became the common language in the south, Zydeco was altered to fit the masses.  The original French can still be found in rural parts of Louisiana and Texas.

So why does this all matter?  Knowing more about the roots of the genre can make it easier to make decisions for event entertainment.  Having a Mardi Gras party?  Zydeco is the perfect compliment to King cake and Cajun food.  So kick off your shoes and start up a quick step because chances are, you'll be partying to Zydeco real soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off The Beaten Path

The trend these days is to be original, not booking the same old venue for an event.  So why not ditch the boring reception hall and go with something a little more hip?

Venues such as concert halls and local attractions (aquariums, theme parks, etc.) are the prefect place to host the perfect event.  A certain theme park will even host your fairy tale wedding in front of their castle, complete with a horse drawn carriage.

Concert halls are another trendy option for individuals who prefer a more casual, fun event that does not allow for stuffiness and up tightness.  You can dance, make noise and even live out your life long dream of being a rock star by performing karaoke on stage. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Picnic Time!

As summer is rapidly approaching, the thought of entertaining and cookouts fill your mind.  That is, until, you have unexpected family or friends arrive from out of town, demanding that you create fun summer memories.  What to do?  Most people cower at the idea of last minute event planning, but it is a lot more simple than it seems.  Especially when you have someone else do all the work.

Nothing pleases a diverse crowd more than a picnic.  There is something for everyone:  the jock, the nature enthusiast, the foodie, the zen, and most importantly: the kids.  Whether the picnic be for ten people or a hundred, there are fun filled activities that are sure to create a memorable summer.

If you are trying to keep the kids entertained while the parents catch up on old times, hire a clown.  Clowns can be off putting, but the right clown can give you the most bang for your buck.  Some clowns are all encompassing, meaning they can face paint, juggle, make balloon animals, and put on a show.  If the clowns are a little bit too scary for younger kids, then try a nanny service.  They come to you prepared with games and activities to create a fun day for the youngsters and will distract the older ones from being babysat.

While the kids are away, the adults will play.  Why not turn your picnic into a fiesta?  Companies can provide you with your very own margarita machine the will cool your body and mind.  Sit back, relax and imagine you are on a beach in Mexico!