Friday, July 1, 2011

Add Some Flair With International Entertainment

If you couldn't tell by reading this blog, we are not fans of the ho-hum, same old same old party routine.  We like to shake things up and create a buzz and a stir among party goers with our creative ideas.  A new trend that we have seen emerging is the use of international talents to liven up an event.  Don't know what we are referring to? Here are a few explanations:

  1. Polynesian Entertainers:  Commonly known as "hula dancers" Polynesian entertainers can brighten and loosen up an event with its cool vibes and spectacular entertainment.  They incorporate hula, drums and fire to create a performance that will delight even the most hard to please guest.  Some companies also offer Hawaiian catering included with their performances, complete will a whole roasted pig!
  2. Belly Dancers:  Belly dancers have been around forever, but are sometimes considered "taboo" in some circles.  This is hardly the case.  Belly dancers are a good idea to have with large parties, generally in bigger ballroom type settings.  Place a few around the room to get the guests up and moving to the beat; it's an instant party when they arrive!
  3. Mariachi Groups:  Arriba!  Mariachi groups have been entertaining guests for centuries, but has only recently made a splash on the private party scene.  They can often be found in any decent Mexican restaurant, but they can bring that flair to your next event.  No time to go to Mexico this summer?  Throw a fiesta, complete with margaritas, taco makers and, of course, Mariachi!


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