Thursday, July 7, 2011

Masquerades and Murder Mysteries

Who says all the fun has to stop at parties when you are an adult?  What's wrong with dressing up like your favorite comic book hero at 45?  Or pretending to be Sherlock Holmes while solving a murder?

We think it's never too late to live out a dream or a fantasy.  One way to do just that is to host a costume party.  It doesn't have to be Halloween to don a fairy costume and a handful of pixie dust.  Costume shops are open year round in all areas, housing a vast selection of masks and costumes.  Why not add a little more fun by holding a costume contest?  A special prize will motivate party guests to wear their best ideas and creations.

If dressing up is not your style, but you still want to play detective, murder mysteries are just the ticket.  Companies will stage a simple or elaborate (depending on the budget) murder and the guests find clues and try to solve it by the end of the night.  Prizes are also up for grabs at this event, and guests will get lost in the world of mystery and innuendo. 

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