Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Ready for Inflatable Fun!

Inflatable bounce houses are a staple at every child's birthday party, even some holiday gatherings.  But did you know there is more to inflatables than bounce houses?  Inflatable entertainment has vastly grown over the years and now boasts movie screens, water slides, Velcro walls, even bungee!

One of the most popular new inflatable is the water slide.  Children (and adults too!) will love attaching the hose to the slide and climbing up through an inflatable maze.  Once they reach the top, they slide down the water luge to the bottom.  It's an inexpensive way of keeping the kids cool in the summer time if you don't have a pool nearby.

Another booming idea is the use of the inflatable movie screen.  Projectors send the movie out to 20 foot or bigger screens, allowing the whole neighborhood to watch a movie.  Even better, rent one for your next family reunion and play old home videos!

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a fly on a wall?  Why not rent a Velcro wall and find out?  Users put on a suit made of Velcro, hop on a trampoline, and smack into an inflatable wall with the opposite Velcro.  Guests will stick to the wall in all different positions and remain until they are removed.  They can feel what it's like to be aerial!

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